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We are currently running a kickstarter to help bring some new pin designs to market, featuring everyones favourite italian plumber in a new job

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February 2021 Edition of our patch club was a collaboration with our friends at Ballistic Designs IOM

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So you have decided you want a custom patch, but maybe just one or two for yourself, or a few more for you friends, maybe even 10 - 20 for your team.

BUT.... All those greedy patch manufacturers insist you order at least 50 or maybe more, why can't they be reasonable, it's so frustrating right?


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Well its here, your update on the patch club for April This one was a little bit special for us, as this month we worked with the university of Birmingham airsoft and paintball society to bring them their own patch design and we shared it with each of our patch club members, this particular patch was manufactured by Ballistic designs isle of man. Also featured were our first glow in the dark patches, the stars and stripes, useful for the night time airsoft games and V from the movie v for vendetta and a face synonymous with protests all over...

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