8. October Operator Box

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 Sorry not Sorry - we have sold out of the July Airsoft Operators Box. Purchase our Monthly Subscription Box to guarantee availability.

The Draft Club - 0.25 BB`s - RRP £8.99

The Draft Club Ultra Fine Precision Expert Grade BBs are a new breed of high quality Airsoft ammunition.
Designed and manufactured to engineer specifications helps eliminate internal bubbles and other compositional defects, achieving very tight tolerances due to a 5-6 hour polishing cycle.
Strict manufacturing processes combined with vigorous quality testing makes our BB one of the most uniform, balanced and spherical on the market, resulting in smooth feeds, jam elimination and ultimately improved accuracy, grouping and range


Tactical Tea – Blitz Brew - RRP £5.00

Brand new English Breakfast Blitz Brew is a high-speed blend of Assam and Ceylon small leaf tea and is a faithful throwback of popular UK tea blends, which were sold between the 1930s to the 1980s. The tea estates used in this blend are owned by some of the oldest tea companies in India (Assam) and Sri Lanka (Ceylon). The maltiness, strength and pungency of the Assam is perfectly complemented by the refreshingly flavoured Ceylon


Tactical Coffee Company – Caffeinated Violence – RRP £5.99

Slow roasted to give you a caffeine charged, rich, full bodied espresso. Caffeinated Violence is dedicated to the men and women, past present and future who choose to face violence on behalf of our great nation.


Light My Fire – Spork – RRP £3.00

Handy for those Milsim games when you have to eat in the field, or for any camping enthusiasts


Little Hotties – Hand Warmers – RRP £1.00

Now that the weather is turning colder, handy for keeping your hands warm between games, or pop them in a pouch with your pistol mags to help keep them running efficiently


Ballistic Designs IOM – Airsoft Operators Box Patch – RRP £5.00

Another cracking patch from the lads at Ballistic Designs


The Chairsofter – Patch – RRP £7.00

A patch from the chairsofter show, we appeared on the show quite a while back, go give it a listen on available on Soundcloud among other channels


14 in 1 Survival Credit Card – RRP £4.99

Multifunction tools card is very easy to carry, safe and easy to use.

This card has 14 functions


18650 CREE L2 2000lm SOS Emergency Lighting Led Flashlight Torch – RRP £19.99

2000 Lumen torch, with uk charger and battery in a sealable case