Ambassador program

Want to be part of the AOB family?

We are a small business and as such can not afford to "sponsor" everyone that emails us asking for free stuff

However we want to reward customers that spread the word and help us grow

We dont mind if you have 100 followers or 100k followers, it is the individual, their personality and their connection with our brand that we will look at when deciding who to make our ambassadors

We only want people that are very enthusiastic about our products to represent us.

How to qualify?

You must be 18+

You must be a subscriber to one of our main subscription products 

What do we expect from you?

Tag us in your photos and your bio

Leave us a Facebook review regarding your subscription

Post at least twice per month with our products or share one of our posts

Speak positively about our products when you see them mentioned online

What do you get from us?

15% Ambassador only Discount code for your own use on one off items from our web store

Personalised 10% Discount code and link for your followers, friends, family and team mates to use 

Facebook group exclusively for ambassadors

Friendly competition with other ambassadors to make the most sales

Early access to new and/or limited edition products 

Small custom rewards for making sales 

Terms & Conditions

Cancellation of your product subscription will result in suspension of your benefits

Any ambassador found to be allowing others to use the ambassadors only discount code will be removed from the program

Any ambassador found to be bringing the brand into disrepute will be removed from the program

How do you apply?

Send us the following details via the contact form below;

Your name

Where you live

Your social media links

Which product you currently subscribe to or would like to subscribe to

Why you think you would make a good ambassador

Good luck