14 in 1 Multi Purpose Pocket Credit Card Survival tool for Outdoor Camping Tools

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Description :

14 in 1 Multi-function Screwdriver Wrench Survival Mini Tools Card

The PRT life saving card has amazing small size and has a total of 14 functions.
The product is a set of perfect combination of condensed version diversified functions, it is much smaller even than a credit cards or name card , can put into all kinds of wallet or hide perfectly on your body cloths.

Made of quality FULL BLACK 425 stainless steel, delicate manual design. and more, there is a solid and durable holster attached with the multifunctional tool.

Specification :

Length : 85cm
Width : 55cm
Thickness : 1 mm
Handle material : Steel
Size : 8.6 x 5.5 CM
Weight : 46g

Main function :

Can opener
 : the following hook the used together with the mouth is, can be easily open tin cans.
screwdriver, located in the card of the Angle (this position using the mechanics principle increases the strength and more energy), the science Angle cutting into a word screwdriver, reasonable of commonly used models can screw.
Straightedge rule : the metric scale, the minimum scale for mm.
Bottle opener : suitable for beer, beverage and etc and the open bottle cap.
Positioning hex wrench : four different types of six arrises wrench, suitable for daily use of the size of the bolts and the nuts.
Live wrench : namely long strips hollow out slot, can be twisted any flat model bao hou different take items.

Package includes :

1 x Multi-function Survival Tools Card