May 19 Operator Box

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We have a limited amount of May's Operator Boxes available.

1.  Bottle of Draft club bb's in customers chosen weight

2. Pouch of Veteran owned hot drinks (see selection below)

3. Paracord bracelet

4. Mesh sniper veil

5. Waterproof bag for mobile phone or possibly spare battery storage on wet game days.

6. Forearm shotgun shell holder

7. Molle Shotgun shell pouch

8. Shotgun stock shell holder

9. M4 & 9mm mag pouch

The Tea is supplied by Alex and Ted from Tactical Tea, both are current serving members of the Armed forces. Each bag contains 250g.

The Coffee is supplied by Tactical Coffee a veteran owned and operated business. Each bag contains 250g of speciality coffee. You will receive a different blend each month on a six month rotation. 

The Hot Chocolate is exclusive to Airsoft Operators Box - This awesome, smooth hot chocolate can not be purchased anywhere else in the world.


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