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Airsoft Operators Box

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Tactical tea- Blitz Brew
Blitz Brew has around 3.2g of tea per individual bag, making it WAY stronger than industry leading tea companies. 80 teabags are held within the delightful, heat sealed for freshness, pouch.

Tactical Coffee - Caffeinated Violence 
100% Washed and Polished, Rain Forest Alliance, Speciality Robusta Beans from Vietnam.Slow roasted to give you a caffeine charged kick in the gonads.
Caffeinated Violence is a rich, full bodied with a great taste.

Airsoft Operators Box - Smooth Operator Hot Chocolate
250g of pure chocolate awesomeness.
Smooth Operator Hot Chocolate is exclusive to Airsoft Operators Box.
Made from the finest cocoa beans, Smooth Operator is rich and creamy and guaranteed morale in a mug.