Built on Beef Biltong

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BUILT ON BEEF Ltd is a family run, soldier owned Beef Biltong company that encourages healthy snacking and leading a fit and healthy lifestyle in general. 

My name is Rob. I started making biltong in my spare time as an alternative protein to powders and bars. My friends and family would often ask me for some for themselves and eventually through word of mouth and social media it led to a business.

Family run is not just a label with our business. Our three boys also help where they can. This is normally in the form of sticking labels on to pouches. So apologies if occasionally your label is a bit skew-whiff, just know that a very enthusiastic young man stuck that on for you. 

How are Built on Beef and AOB Connected?

While training for the Silverstone half marathon, AOB founder Joe was on the lookout for a healthy snack, and due to the influence of other Veteran owned brands that AOB work with, he found Built on Beef, the many flavours available helped replace boring dry flavourless mid day snacks with protein to fuel the next training sessions, and given that many AOB customers had suggested they would prefer a non drink option with their subscriptions, it seemed a natural fit to bring Built on Beef onboard, and an option that Joe can personally recommend.


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