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Now available every month, bi monthly or quarterly - putting you in control of when you receive goods

Now even more choice than before, maybe you prefer bio or sniper bbs, now you can choose to have no BB`s or a 1kg bag BLS BB`s from the range 0.20 to 0.32, or 500 Vorsk BBs in 0.36 and 0.40, and now introducing the vorsk 0.25 green tracers in 1100 round bottles

Your next choice is which Veteran Brand hot drink or snack that you want

The remaining 3 or 4 items will vary each month but where possible will be in your chosen colour, this is where the surprise comes from, and makes it so much fun to receive.

You are completely free to log in each month and change your options for the next delivery

Previous items have included pouches, patches, speed-loaders  battle belts, face masks, torches, multi tools etc

The Payment will be taken on the day you make the purchase then on that same date each month that you receive a box (please contact us if you would like to change your payment date).

Subscriptions are for a minimum of 3 deliveries.

Boxes will be shipped at the end of each month

The Tea is supplied by Alex and Ted from Tactical Tea, both are current serving members of the Armed forces. Each bag contains 250g.

The Coffee is supplied by Tactical Coffee a veteran owned and operated business. Each bag contains 250g of speciality coffee

The biltong is supplied by Built on Beef, it comes in a vacuum sealed 100g pack. Yet another great veteran owned business that we work with

The Hot Chocolate is exclusive to Airsoft Operators Box - This awesome, smooth hot chocolate can not be purchased anywhere else in the world.

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