Dry firing in the safezone?

Posted by Joe Beattie on

I don't have to tell anyone that dry firing in the safezone is dangerous, and mentioned in every safety brief, yet it still happens

Why is it dangerous?

Well its a safezone, so often other players will be relaxing, sat down with safety glasses off, which puts their unprotected eyes right at the level of your barrel if its on a table, now you might say theres no mag in, but if you haven't cleared your barrel properly there may still be a bb in there, and even if you have, when others hear dry firing they may assume its acceptable and try it, they might not have been as thorough about clearing their barrel.

What can we do about it?

Well following a discussion with a site owner earlier this year, he was considering making barrel socks complulsory in the safezone at his site 

We have recently become aware of an alternative to barrel socks, its known as TriggerSafe™, the following is an excerpt from the developers website

TriggerSafe™ is a unique, patented device designed to safely and completely cover the trigger of AR-15 rifles and now Remington and Benelli M2 Shotguns.  TriggerSafe™ is designed to help avoid negligent discharges during times when we do not have positive control of a LOADED rifle that can occur during training, hunting, range time, dry fire, transportation or storage. TriggerSafe is not designed for an operational environment.  TriggerSafe works on many Airsoft platforms that have similar size specs to steel weapons.

As soon as the developers offered us the chance to stock them we leapt at it, and will be the first in the UK to stock these

We will be helping to introduce this system to other shops/sites in the UK, so if you'd like to stock them, contact us for dealer pricing


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