May 19 Operator Box

Posted by William David Beattie on

This one went out a few weeks late due to a close family bereavement, but im glad to now finally be able to share the details of it with you.

We do have a few spares available, so if you want to purchase this one as a one off hit the button below.

Mays box was jammed packed with,

1.  Bottle of Draft club bb's in customers chosen weight

2. Pouch of Veteran oowned hot drinks (see selection below)

3. Paracord bracelet

4. Mesh sniper veil

5. Waterproof bag for mobile phone or possibly spare battery storage on wet game days.

6. Forearm shotgun shell holder

7. Molle Shotgun shell pouch

8. Shotgun stock shell holder

9. M4 & 9mm mag pouch


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