OPERATION FOP - 18 March 2023 - £30

Posted by Joe Beattie on

Fireball Squadron is proudly hosting a game to help fund Primrose Hospice. This small local hospice supported my wife during her breast cancer journey.
The hospice provides person centred care and support to patients with life limiting illnesses and their loved ones during difficult times. All proceeds will be donated to the charity.
Operation Fop will see Government forces pitted against freedom fighters in the Federally Administered Area of Elistonia. Expect times and dynamic objectives and missions.
Our friends at JD Airsoft have kindly donated a fantastic raffle prize of an VFC Avalon Samurai Edge carbine. Think M4 goodness to the max. £5 per ticket.
So why not come along and shoot your friends whilst raising money for a fantastic local charity.
Note this game is not organised by AOB - Please direct enquiries towards Fireball Squadron


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