RPL-20 PVC Morale Patch

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The RPL-20 (Russian: Ручной Пулемёт Ленточный, Ruchnoy Pulemot Lentochnyy; English: Belt-fed Machine Gun) is a prototype light machine gun developed by Kalashnikov Concern for the Russian Military. Though designed in response to feedback following the purchase and testing of the company's magazine-fed RPK-16 light machine gun, the RPL-20 is an entirely new design, utilizing an open-bolt, belt-fed action in lieu of the closed-bolt, magazine fed operation typical to Kalashnikov-pattern weapons. It is anticipated to serve as a squad automatic weapon in Russian military use, supplementing the heavier-caliber PK machine guns currently used for suppressive fire while still providing a higher practical rate of fire than is possible with RPK-based weapons. The RPL-20 was unveiled at the Army-2020 event in late August, 2020.

Approx 4 inch wide tall

Pvc patch with velcro back