Custom Patch Manufacture & Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ)

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So you have decided you want a custom patch, but maybe just one or two for yourself, or a few more for you friends, maybe even 10 - 20 for your team.

BUT.... All those greedy patch manufacturers insist you order at least 50 or maybe more, why can't they be reasonable, it's so frustrating right?

Trust me i have been there when i wanted to get my first patch manufactured, i scoured all the manufacturers i could find.

Eventually a guy said he would allow me to take the MOQ in 2 separate orders, and as an airsofter im always looking for a good deal, so i negotiated him down on price.

Patch arrived and its ok, but having gone into the patch business myself, ive learnt a lot more, and my second player patch is much better quality and at a better price, let me tell you why low order volumes are not good for the manufacturer or you the customer

1. Manufacturers tend to operate on low profit margins. Low-profit margins require the supplier to produce a large number of products in order to break even. 

2. The manufacturer is not always to blame for high minimum order quantity requirements. Suppliers tend to keep a minimum stock of materials and components.  As such, they must buy materials and parts from subcontractors, on an order to order basis. This, in turn, requires that the manufacturer can satisfy the MOQ of the subcontractor.

3. Low Minimum Order Quantities often reflect cheaper quality materials as that is what the manufacturer can source at low quantity at low price

4. If you don't already have your own design, the manufacturer will have to invest time in working on this for you. It takes the same time to complete a design that is used on 1 patch as it does a design which is used on 1000 patches. Which would you rather invest your time on if it were you?

A. My suggestions of how to work with your chosen manufacturer to get the best patch at the best price;

B. Already have a good idea of the design you want or find a designer that will complete the work for you before approaching the manufacturer (Try this Freelancer website)

C. Find out their MOQ - Check their website or ask them.

D. Ask if they can provide colour variations of the same design, this way for the same order quantity you get a number of different patches

E. Consider selling your additional patches on a site such as Shopify, Etsy, Big Cartel, Facebook or Instagram. Also ask if the manufacturer will share your selling link on their page/social media, this may help you sell additional patches and is good publicity for the manufacturer. Selling patches as a hobby can be fun and a great way to meet people, but don't expect to get rich quick

F. Check their payment terms, some people fear having to pay all of the money immediately before they have even seen a sample. Some manufacturers will allow a deposit to confirm the order and the remaining payment after sample photos have been approved

We can help with all of the above, so if you would like to get the ball rolling on your patch idea Click Here to get in touch



Note: The image featured is my updated player patch since getting into the patch business. If you would like to order one click here



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